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Instead of addressing critical issues affecting Texans by focusing on comprehensive responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, the broken electric grid, and lack of access to quality housing, healthcare, and education, Governor Abbott continues to waste our tax dollars and scapegoat immigrants and communities of color by:

  • Deploying more than 1,000 Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers and hundreds of National Guard soldiers to the border in so-called “border security” efforts without any mechanisms ensuring accountability or transparency.
  • Initiating Operation Lone Star that allows DPS troopers to “catch-and-jail” asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution and violence.
  • Issuing a disaster declaration that falsely categorizes the border as a disaster zone and orders the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to revoke licenses from shelters that serve unaccompanied children, which the federal government has already threatened to sue.
    • The disaster proclamation intends to put patrolling boats in the Rio Grande, deploy more than 1,800 National Guard soldiers and continue with the construction of the border wall.
  • Signing into law $2 billion in border security spending and continues to fund Operation Lonestar, which has criminalized hundreds of migrants seeking safety and refuge.
    • The bill allocates $750 million state dollars to build an unnecessary border wall, aside from the $250 million transferred in June from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice budget as a “down payment” for the border wall.

Moreover, Abbott and his legislative allies have made Texas the epicenter of an extreme racist agenda that further stripping our civil and constitutional rights by:

  • Increasing the spread of COVID-19 by advancing anti-mask mandates across Texas
  • Making it harder for people of color and low income people to vote
  • Allowing anyone 21 and older to openly carry a gun in public without having to pass a training class or receive a permit 
  • Increasing poverty by placing a statewide camping ban targeting people experiencing homelessness
  • Censoring schools and teachers by whitewashing history
  • Passing legislation attacking the rights of women and the LGBTQIA+ community in Texas

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