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For generations, Texas border communities have welcomed with dignity. Despite Governor Abbott’s false accusations blaming immigrants and asylum seekers for spreading COVID-19 and creating chaos at the U.S.-Mexico border, immigrants are essential contributors to the social and economic fabric of the great State of Texas.

We call on Gov. Abbott to prioritize the real needs of Texans and:

  • STOP the extremist attacks on immigrants, border communities, Latinos, and people of color
  • RESCIND the disaster declaration on the border
  • PRIORITIZE fact-based COVID-19 mitigation efforts,the vaccine rollout, and community relief
  • FIX the state’s electrical grid to prevent devastating power outages
  • INVEST in housing for Texans experiencing homelessness and newcomers at our border
  • EXPAND access to healthcare services that are inclusive of all Texans
  • PROMOTE a quality, historically accurate education for our children 
  • PRESERVE license to carry firearms in public
  • STOP attacking democracy and work towards expanding voting access, not restricting it.
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We are the leading grassroots statewide alliance of grassroot organizations creating
change to transform the lives of immigrant and border communities in Texas.

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